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/* GALLERY SETTINGS: $(document).ready(function() { $('#lightSlider').lightSlider({ item: 3, slideMove: 1, slideMargin: 10, addClass: '', mode:"slide", // Type of transition 'slide' and 'fade'. useCSS:true, // If true LightSlider will use CSS transitions. if falls jquery animation will be used. speed: 1000, // Transition duration (in ms). cssEasing: 'ease', // 'cubic-bezier(0.25, 0, 0.25, 1)' easing: 'linear', // The type of "easing". ex: 'linear', 'ease', 'ease-in', 'ease-out', 'ease-in-out', 'cubic-bezier(n,n,n,n)'. auto: false, // If true, the Slider will automatically start to play. pause: 3000, // The time (in ms) between each auto transition loop:true, // If false, will disable the ability to loop back to the beginning of the slide when on the last element. controls:true, // if controls:false, controls will not be added prevHtml:'', // custom text for prev control nextHtml:'', // custom text for next control rtl: false, keyPress:true, // Enable keyboard navigation adaptiveHeight: false, vertical: false, verticalHeight: 500, vThumbWidth: 100, thumbItem: 10, galleryMargin: 5, pager:true, // Enable pager option gallery:false, // Enable gallery mode thumbMargin:3, // Spacing between each thumbnails currentPagerPosition:'middle', // 'left' OR 'middle', 'right' enableTouch: true, enableDrag: true, freeMove: false, swipeThreshold:40, // By setting the swipeThreshold you can set how far the user must swipe for the next/prev slide responsive: [], onBeforeStart: function($el) {}, onSliderLoad: function($el) {}, onBeforeSlide: function($el,scene) {}, onAfterSlide: function($el,scene) {}, onBeforeNextSlide: function($el,scene) {}, onBeforePrevSlide: function($el,scene) {} }); }); */